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This are the 9 steps of the SEO strategy development process. This are CAPSULA’s guidelines for SEO success. This stages interact between each other, each stage is needed to obtain good results, and each stage must be adjusted through the whole process of the SEO Strategy.

Client requirements, Keyword research, Information architecture, Page content, SEO On-Page, Linkbuilding, Web monitoring, Domain and Page authority and a Competitive analysis will change over time, and Google knows it, so you should keep an eye on each one after your SEO is applied if you want to keep your success ranking position in Google.


Client requirements

In a first meeting with the client we come up with the client requirements about their global or local audiences, to see which are their global or local competitors and extract the correct and potential keyword’s list. Also, we ask to the client which data or goals wants to achive when it comes to ROI and KPIs results: Increase Conversions, Increase traffic, Increase engagement, Increase Organic Users

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Keyword research

From this first meeting we extract all the keywords required to be targeted, those that are used by the audience and which are present on the client’s market. We write a Keyword Research Report with a list of keywords to be implemented on the website’s content.


Information architecture

From this keyword list we provide a website’s information architecture, also called the taxonomy, to structure all the pages of the website according to the SEO Strategy and thus implement in a correct manner all the keywords required to be targeted.

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Page content

Hand in hand with the client we establish which contents must be inserted on each page of the website. Implementing this SEO Strategy content techniques includes all sorts of contents, whether to use one, two or more will depend on which content the client wants to offer to it’s website’s users: only products, text, images… or more… also videos, articles, tutorials, pdfs… all types of content can be submited in a sitemap on the Google Results Pages.


SEO On-page

This SEO Strategy content techniques includes not just visual content, we also optimize the SEO On-Page of the website’s metas: meta-titles, meta-descriptions, meta-headers… etc. We provide the formatting SEO of all the texts: underlining, bolding, italicizing and cap letters. Our SEO content writing services and UX design skills help our clients get the most of their contents.

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Link building

Yes, link building it’s important !!!. It is one of the mayor factors when it comes to ranking in search engines. Google does look at the quality and quantity of your website’s inbound links. So link building it’s a process, yout need to acquire links from other sites that will point/link to your website. The higher of quality of those links (the higher Domain Authority) the higher your website will rank on Google results.


Web traffic and ranking monitoring

It is another major ranking factor. Checking periodically your Website’s traffic data statistics and your website’s ranking position will help you, providing you with information about your website’s users behavior and the internet’s users keyword search. We use Google Analytics and we build perfomance reports.

The key point is optaining a good user behavior, and what is it? simple, it means the user must be satisfied with the content and the navigation that he’s looking for on your website. This quality statistics will help you rank higher on Google results. So put your focus on gaining quality and you’ll get also quantity.

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Domain and page authority

Domain Authority and Page Authority it’s the first browser ranking factor. But it is also the must difficult to achieve. It is obtained by the sum of all your website’s inbound links, so obtaining more links from other websites it is crucial to rise your SEO ranking. We create linkbuilding strategies (both inbound link and outbound links: link architecture) by content writting, reviews, news articles, blog posts, competitors links analysis, reviewing broken links, check for mentions, infographicsLinks are build on a long term, so you can also build links by promoting your website between your friends, colleagues, business partners… Linkbuilding is also Brandbuilding !!!


Competitive analysis

We’ve mention that competitors links analysis it is important, but checking competitors keywords it is also very important. Analyzing your competitors online strategies it is important to find the correct keywords, the basic keywords, the trending keywords… and the most succesfull resources where to get mentions or inbound links from relevant and meaning sources. We do hand searches and tune them with MOZ and SEMRUSH professional statistics.

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