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SEO Content Writting Guidelines

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Applying formating SEO techniques it is only a technical matter, so if you want your content to rank higher in search engines, you’ll need to focus onto your engagement data: Raising your ‘average engagement time’, get more user pageviews, time spent on page, session duration… quality over quantity !!!

Engagement is the overall goal of any SEO content strategy, and SEO is the way to achive it.

Create uniqueness, gain authority and you’ll gain advantge from your competitors, good and clear information is the way to create value and it is the door to engagement.



Engaging with your audience is the main KPI of your SEO Content Strategy. Improving the user behaviour data analytics it is the best way to show to Google your engament skills. Raising your ‘average engagement time’, get more user pageviews, time spent on page, session duration, top exit pages, pages per session, scroll depth, unique visitors, returning visitors, and conversions will help you on detecting your engagement.

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Create uniqueness

Create but create uniqueness. There is no worst efford than creating and achieving nothing. So NO users and NO time spent on site will lower your rankings, so do not post just to post ‘something’ it will not work on a long term content strategy.



Authority comes hand by hand with uniqueness. Only uniqueness will gain authority to your content strategy. Uniqueness will make your content shareable and sharing it will gain you authority.

Authority is measured. Everytime your content is shared in any way, your post/page/product obtains a number value called Page Rank (Wikipedia). Raising this page rank it is the ‘top’ way to rise your Google rankings.




Take advantage from your competitors, do a SEO Competitive analysis, analyze their content, compare it, and improve it. Being ahead of your competitors will keep your content on top of Google’s result pages and will also help other content of your Content Strategy.



Do not post just for ‘posting’, whatever you post do not post just one post. Make sure you subject is covered in many ways, not just one post. Get deep into the topic, obtain comments, reviews… give always proper, interesting and cunning subjects and themes to talk about.

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