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This are the 9 steps of the SEM strategy development process. This are CAPSULA’s guidelines for SEM success. This stages interact between each other, each stage is needed to obtain good results, and each stage must be adjusted through the whole process of the SEM Strategy.

Target audience, Keyword research, Strategy campaign, Ads content, SEO On-Page, Landing page, Campaign Management, Performance measurement, Remarketing and Conversion analysis will change over time, and Google knows it, so you should keep an eye on each one while your SEM CAMPAIGN is being held, if applied you will maintain your ranking position in Google Adwords thus the chances to obtain more clics and more conversions.


Target audience

Do you know which is your target audience?. We search for our client’s audience, we create strategies to bring you audiences to be targeted by your marketing campaign. Today costumers are viewed as audience or group members which specific needs, values and intentions and we create audiences and smart lists to target them.

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Keyword research

In order to build a strong SEM Strategy we will need to search for the targeted keywords in order to build campaign ads grouped by interests, locations, hobbies… so we can track later on our customers navigation, roots, clicks… so we can  perform a full follow up of our customers behavior.


Strategy campaign

With the target audience created and the keyword research report finished, we begin creating the whole SEM strategy campaign. We build the SEM campaign through building the ad or ads to be displayed on Google, building the landing page optimized for the ad, and we continue with the follow up of the campaign with the campaign management.

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Ads content

Ads must be written with the correct keywords, because the sentences have a limited number of characters. Thus it is extremely important to write them with a powerful and eye-caching sentences. We often recommend to build more than one ad to widener as much as possible our audience and reach to more customers.


Landing page

An eye-caching landing page it is crucial if you want to obtain a good quality score. The quality score it is the value of your ad, based on several components of your campaign, it will be the tool to rise your ad rankings when users perform a search on Google. Raising your ad rankings are the best way to get more clicks to your landing page.

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Campaign manegement

All that is created must be maintained. After the ads and the landing page, the campaign starts, but you have to watch for your keywords do not go crazy, they might increase price or they might not bring conversions, so you have to whatch them, you have to manage and review constantly your campaign, or your keywords will go wild.  Keep an eye on them and you will have a optimized campaign management


Performance measurement

If you don’t want to pay for unuseful clicks you will need to make a follow up and optimize for better performance, of the cost per click of your keywords, or you may end up with an expensive bill to pay to Google and seeing no return on the investment. So it is key, to measure your Google Analytics statistics to see which of the keywords it is bringing you users to your website, online shop, product pages, blog articles… and which of those perfom the action your strategy required: downloading a pdf, reading the full article, buying a product, or writting you a review among many other events that may ocur on your website.

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Tracing those users which perform an action/event on your website it is very important to optimize the engagement of your website’s users. The engagement it is the return of a user to your website, so engaging it is the main objective of the retargeting campaigns and also remarketing campaigns. Remarketing helps you to re-contact with your customer by: newsletters, subscribers, automated email, discount codes, product or upsell retargeting.


Conversions analysis

Those users which we have been tracking and they have performed the action/event we needed them to do, it is called a conversion. Main conversions can be: a sale, a subscription, a form sent… but a bounce rate, a user that exits our webpage, it is also a main conversion, mainly because our first objective it is not loosing users and keeping them as much time possible crawling and searching our contents/pages. So focus on your conversions it is important not only for your costs of your SEM strategies but also for your SEO Strategies.

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