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Google Tag Manager Strategy Guidelines

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A Google Tag Manager Strategy will bring you guides and lines to perform better and optimize your CTR and your ROI. GTM it is optimal for your Google Analytics Strategy, your Remarketing Strategy, PPC campaign and your Affiliate Program

Tagging pdf downloads, scrolling behavior, links clicks, form submissions, video activity, e-commerce purchases… it is just an starting point. Setting up a Google Tag Manager Strategy with bigger segments and audiences it is crucial for any type of marketing strategy.



Tracking user’s behavior it is crucial for your business strategy. Capturing user’s behavior with your Google Analytics will show you how your users interact with your content: articles, reviews, pages, products… and also how they reached your content: where they came from, where they are, what they like and how and why they purchased a product.  A Google Tag Manager Strategy together with Google Analytics will help your business goals.




Google Tag Manager tracking helps you on getting insides for your Google Ads campaign, will help you on getting data to perform better and make better decisions when managing your Google Ads account.

Retargeting and Remarketing are the key to increase your conversions because they are tailored to reach users who did not perform a purchase on your app/website. It reduces costs, rises coversions, improve ROI and makes targeting much more precise.


Pay per click

Google Tag Manager it is the tool to improve your PPC ads. It will help to track the most important goal of any marketer: the engagement. You will track number of engagements, type of engagements, conversions and high/low landing pages which drive Google Ads conversions.

GTM works with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads or Bing Ads to extract data of user behavior, conversions and micro-conversions, cart tracking, audiences and remarketing lists.  




Affiliate marketing it is a type of marketing online specialized for working with affiliates programs. Affiliates are companies, websites, bloggers that are responsible for advertising brands/products by posting their ads or promotions. These affiliates get a commission after the user performs an action, like clicking on a banner, registering or purchasing a product.

Nowadays brands are focusing on content creation based on opinion and ratings of products or services. With affiliate programs you will perform better on your sales.