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Google Analytics Strategy Guidelines

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Google Analytics it is the central station of all your collected data. It is where all the SEO data, all the SEM data, all the CONTENT data, all the USER data is stored.

It is the data central station. All you want to know of your customers is there.

A precise Google Analytics Strategy will help you on: track user traffic, understand customer behavior, find target audiences, help online advertising, optimize your website performance, track your offline and online campaigns, helps seo and content creation, social media reporting, optimizing conversions, ecommerce performance follow-up, creating custom data reports… among many other data.

Google Analytics statistics and reports will bring new ideas and opportunities for your marketing team.


User traffic

How many users do visit my website? our answer to this is that this question it is a quantity data question. But user traffic is much more than quantity, how many users remain on my website? that is a quality question. And quality should be the first goal of any Google Analytics report.

There are many other data to view on a analytics report: the acquisition (where the user comes from), the engagement (the retention factor) and the conversion (the monetization and retribution factor).

We focus our Google Analytics reports on detecting and analyzing which are the main quantity and quality data information, therefore our clients can later on think/prepare/create content which matter to their customers.



Customer behavior

Why so many customers abandon my cart? how can i make them return to my online shop?  Understanding User and Customer behavior analysis it is crucial for online success.

With Google Analytics you can obtain detailed customer behavior flow and process it, then afterwards optimize your marketing and your content to achieve better results.


Target audiences

Toguether with Google Signals and Google Analytics will create remarketing audiences from your Google Analytics data. You will be able to share those audiences with your Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Amazon ads… and it will show your audience targeting based on their interests, hobbies, demographics, devices… for your aferwards Dynamic remarketing strategy.



Online Advertising

One of the crucial parts to managing a successful Google Ads campaign is consistently monitoring and analysing the performance of your ads” says Google.

So we can help your team to set up the conversion tracking, to measure your ROI (Return on Investment), find the most profitable keywords, optimizing the quality score, extracting the most valuable data to view it later on your Google Analytics reports.

We will help you on which ads and strategies are being the most successful and which should be improved.


Website performance

Google analytics it is crucial to know how your website is performing on many features. Performance of your content like top visited pages, number of visits, scrolled pages, engagement time on pagesPerformance of your tendencies like the increase/decrease of usersengagement time, conversion ratesPerformance of the acquisition like best traffic sources, top SEO rankings, best paid search channels, best social media profiles

But Google Analytics deep data can also analyze the core design and programing of the website. Like the performance on the UX (user experience) like top customer journeys, top CTA, text scrolling time, most clicked menu items and also hot spots and heat maps.



Offline and Online campaigns

Google Analytics is ready to track online campaigns but it can also detect/make a follow-up of your offline campaigns by building external domains and micro-sites of your media campaigns and then it will send data from those external domains/websites to your Google Analytics reports and thus reflecting it in direct traffic, top external urls, social media sources... etc. Google Analytics can also track your Offline to Online campaigns.


SEO Content creation

Top read articles, top engagement page time, top text scrolled pages… are some of the SEO KPI’s you can track in Google Analytics that will show you and also prove you if your SEO content strategy is it doing fine and bringing you organic traffic and organic keywords.

It is crucial for your SEO content writing strategy to monitor and measure your SEO analytics Kpi’s.



Social media reports

We know how hard it is to send traffic from your social networks to your website. We know how hard it is to build successful social content which drives profit to your ecommerce or website.

Tracking your social network performance it is easy with Google Analytics and it will help you on creating your social media strategy.



Optimize conversions

Google Analytics best feature it is the conversion data. Conversions are a clear way for our clients to quickly see their leads and their ROI.

We can set up a conversion event from any action/event happening on your website: an add to card action, a product purchase action, a form submission action, a click download pdf action… and many more. Afterwards you will be able to see which of your conversions are increasing or decreasing. Then, afterwards, react to fix it or improved it with a counter reaction.





If you have an ecommerce you have to have Google Analytics. All ecommerce CMS systems (woocommerce, prestahop, shopify, openCart…) work well with Google Analytics Measure Ecommerce and with a simple plugin you can view your customer behavior and customer purchases but also customer paths and customer funnels. Following up customer behavior it is easy with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.



Custom reports

Reports, reports and more reports are an obsession for business owners and managers. What cannot be measured cannot be managed.

Finally Google Analytics made pdf reports easy and customizable. So any data our clients want to know we can set it up on your Google Analytics custom reports or you can download your own Google Analytics standard default reports.